Aug 032013

Today we are continuing our discussion on blended learning and the different web 2.0 tools that can be used in your own classroom: PowerPoint, internet, video, audio, podcasts/iTunes/twitter, chatrooms, social networks, wikis/blogs, and smart boards. Since PowerPoint presentations are used quite a bit in the classroom, I thought it appropriate to include a humorous “tutorial” on what not to do when creating your own.

In a prior class, we videotaped ourselves:

Here are the notes generated by each group:

Session 6 Group Feedback Notes

To embed this video to this blog, I did the following:

  1. Downloaded the video to my computer
  2. Converted the video to flash (I used Free Studio Manager)
  3. Uploaded flash video to BlipTV
  4. Copied the embed code from BlipTV
  5. Pasted the embed code to the blog

One of the key concepts in blended learning is understanding when to use synchronous and asychronous communication, both from a technological and non-technological perspective.

  • Discuss the following by responding to this thread: a) your content course, b) synchronous, non-technological ways to deliver information, c) asynchronous, non-technological ways to deliver information, d) synchronous, technological ways to deliver information, and e) asynchronous, technological ways to deliver information. Which of these will be use the most and the least? Why?
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