May 262014

There continues to be a buzz about flame retardants TPP cloths in the quilting newsgroups. And for individuals who operate a quilting company there’s much questioning. Could it be a stress for quilters of infant products or is it not necessary to be troubled.

The chance of a child being burnt in a quilt or an infant is usually a rare event. But you will find people who are making their quilts with cotton fill and 100% cotton which are labeled fire or flame retardants TPP repellent.

Flame Retardants TPP

Dancing costumes which needed many fancy types of material which were imported from other states were made by me. I’d spoken with my suppliers and sellers who imported these cloths. They explained that the United States government rules said that materials from their nations needed to be flame retardants TPP.

I also had two experiences with fire:

1.My dance studio rental had burnt.
2.The next door neighbor’s house burnt from faulty wiring waking me with flames breaking at my bedroom window.
Doing a walk through revealed that wood, paper and cotton products had burnt to cinders. Cloths of polyester or other synthetic blends melted onto or into things.

The outside of our house that was burnt exhibited all plastic building things and any had melted in the intense heat.

The scare is other synthetics and the polyester batting fill. My research shows that most quilters work with 100% cotton fabrics and cotton fills when making children quilt things.

There are flame retardants TPP products which can be sprayed or soaked into fabrics as added precautions. In addition, there are flame retardants TPP cloths.

Ash will be flamed into by cotton. Yes, it is going to burn, but it won’t stick or cling to the burning place.

Each quilting company may make customers aware or not say anything. There is a feedback that is miscellaneous as some quilters are extremely concerned and others are stressed. Consider the fact that the majority of moms do not leave other loose crib linen or quilts about or around an infant or a young child when napping or sleeping.

It is not consistently fire which causes difficulties. Having extreme heat near any artificial cloth will melt and curl into ruin. A simple smoke ash will burn a hole into plastic.

It is always best to seek advice from an attorney if you are unsure, however, in reality anything burns. If all necessary precautions and security measures to use materials that are flame retardants TPP continues to be done for your own quilting products, what more can you do?


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