Aug 042015

I was reviewing a blog post a few days ago about getting FFXIV gil. It was basically composed by a degree 70 personality who had actually obtained outlawed from acquiring some gold. I do not know if it held true yet it was well written – the personality was rather high up in a guild however considering that he played the ‘container’ during that guild it cost him a great deal fixing tools, changing armour and so on. The gold farming he needed to do to simply maintain his personality standing still obtained him down a bit so he purchased a few hundred gold items from one of these FFXIV gil buying net sites.

The following time he logged in there was a message claiming his account was banned – his degree 70 character was gone forever. He appealed and also begged yet Blizzard wouldn’t pull back – one tiny gold acquisition had removed his character.

All of it seems very vicious – imagine for how long it requires to level up to 70 months, years – the amount of time do you purchasing in the personality? A high degree character will have hundreds of game hrs purchased it and no small place of their gamers emotions. I suggest the penalty for acquiring gold is exceptionally harsh – the personality creating the blog finished up viewing his guild falling apart when he left as there was a difference on his replacement.

If you think getting FFXIV gil is worth it merely to get a new install or a terrific piece of armour – consider the worst consequences. All these Final Fantasy XIV Gold offering websites all state 100 % risk-free, no threat. Exactly how could any individual claim that it’s 100 % secure unless you are Blizzard and they clearly explain it’s cheating. The gold websites obviously would not increase their business by saying – ‘nearly 60 % risk-free’, ‘lots of people do not get apprehended’ or ‘you’ll possibly be OKAY getting FFXIV gil from us’.

The various other argument is that Final Fantasy XIV is so big they couldn’t potentially apprehend every person or they could not track these deals. This is obviously rubbish – Blizzard could conveniently track, flag or monitor any one of these deals. They could easily develop a list of the characters and accounts used by the sellers – as an alternative of shutting them down they can merely monitor that they worked out with – bingo you’ve apprehended a gold purchaser.

Folks believe Blizzard will not erase accounts because they’re losing amount of money yet Final Fantasy XIV allows business – countless gamers and anything that threatened to manipulate the economy or the atmosphere has to be controlled or it might imply loads.


Play the game to enjoy it – earn the gold and spend it, that’s the video game of Final Fantasy XIV. Getting FFXIV gil not from FFXIV gil website is not worth the dangers – exactly how would certainly you really feel obtaining the e-mail that you’re account has been closed? If you get FFXIV gil then why not check out one the gold quick guides which can be acquired – there’s no threat of restrictions and some of them are superb – I’ve provided two the certainly job.

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