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All-day Grand Canyon float tours down the Colorado River are remarkable, remarkable trips. They’re a great way to sit back and unwind, however at the same time they give you an impressive variety of things to see as well as do. Below’s some info on what you can expect on one of the South Edge smooth-water rafting tours:

You’ll be transported to the base of Glen Canyon Dam – the beginning point for all South Rim smooth-water float tours. You’ll arrive by bus (if you’re on a conventional trip) or aircraft (if you select the updated, deluxe plan which additionally consists of a 4×4 Jeep ride to Antelope Canyon). Simply seeing the dam looming overhead is pretty awesome – it’s over 700 feet high and also 1500 feet broad!

At the foot of the dam, you’ll board your 19-passenger mechanized pontoon raft for a smooth, comfortable 15-mile float down the river. The water segment of the trip ends at historic Lee’s Ferryboat. The whole trip takes 12+ hrs, so you’ll certainly be gone throughout the day.

No rapids are involved, so children 4 and also up could participate. These trips are an excellent adventure for family members.

The Grand Canyon Bus Tour Experience

It’s difficult to properly describe just what you’ll see and experience while you’re on the river. No pictures or videos can do it justice. Seeing some remarkable views (The golden state condors, any individual?), you’ll taste the air and also smell of the canyon and also the bordering high cliffs. When it comes to Grand Canyon tours, this is the complete plan.

Floating through breathtaking Horseshoe Bend is just one of highlights of this smooth-water rafting trip. This area takes its name from the horseshoe-shape of the river as it winds its means through some beautiful remarkable rock formations. Since they really feel like they’ve gotten in one more world, a lot of individuals camp as well as walk in this location. This is a peaceful, peaceful place where time streams slowly – its serenity is the specific opposite of today’s normal hustle and bustle.

Individuals that reside in the location phone call Horseshoe Bend by another name. I’m unsure how it began, but they call it King Bend. In this area you’ll be travelling down the river at an elevation of 4200 feet above sea level, which isn’t really that much except a mile high.

Colorado River

The river is old and has a fabled past. For one point, it is in charge of carving out the canyon over many millions of years. Sections of the river are in 7 different states.

You’ll pull over at a sandy coastline during your smooth-water rafting trip. Just a brief hike away you’ll come into some prehistoric Indigenous American rock drawings. We do not completely comprehend their relevance, so you’re complimentary to analyze them nonetheless you like.

Float scenic tours last all the time, and also you’ll intend to make sure you get the most out of the experience. Protect your camera/cell phone from splashing. Bring sun block as well as wear a cap or hat to lower your direct exposure to the sun. Bring some additional water and also snacks that are simple to bring. Because you could splash, you’ll possibly additionally want a modification of apparel.

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