Mar 112014

The CDP Pro 88-note Digital Piano is the entry-level version keyboard from Casio. Despite being a cheap basic digital piano, the CDP100 manages to glow with a few striking characteristics. This critique can help you uncover its positives and negatives and also other vital variables you must learn before you think about laying down some cold-hard cash for this particular pianoforte.



First there’s the reasonably naturalistic stereo grand piano sound which for the cost is really striking. Next up is the weighted hammer-action making the CDP100 sense just like an actual piano.

Along with excellent action and reasonably authentic piano sound, the Casio CDP-100 comes with:

5 distinct sounds including a stereo grand piano I and 2, electrical piano, harpsichord and strings
32-note polyphony (which indicates you may play until 32 notes simultaneously)
8 electronic effects including versions of chorus and reverb
Level and transpose function
on board speaker system
MIDI input/output (excellent for using together with your desktop computer)
headphone and sustain pedal jacks.
The CDP 100 digital piano additionally comes with a maintain foot change – more with this later in the critique.

The Great
The standout characteristic of the digital piano is actually the practical piano motion. You may really have the capacity to express your self with more finesse as well as susceptibility since it really feels like you’re playing an actual piano; the outcome being a much outstanding functionality and sound.

Another are where the CDP-100 scores best marks is the problem of portability. Due to the streamlined and slender layout this electronic piano is quite mobile and may be carried around effortlessly. Along with The headphone characteristic and also the simple pedal setup, you can surely play the 100 everywhere and anytime you desire.

The headphone quality of the Casio CDP Pro is really useful for both novice and advanced level users as it helps them to rehearse without troubling others anytime.

Affordability is a huge plus with this specific version. No manufacturing company comes close to supplying the characteristics and worth that Casio does with the CDP100. That makes it easy for virtually anyone to possess an authentic sounding pianoforte for just a couple of hundred dollars.

The Terrible
Most consumers of the CDP100 may not be pleased using the true quality of the sound via the built in loudspeakers. Like you’d anticipate as opposed to sounding sharp and clear the sound at times looks lifeless and somewhat hidden. Using headset is one approach to repair this audio trouble as you avoid those internal loudspeakers totally.
Another possible problem is the modest 1/8 inch jack output signal is a relatively of a letdown — they actually should have contained a 1/4 inch jack for two grounds. That means you can:

Link the output signal to expert mixer and amplifiers for live performances
Use professional-quality headset

Naturally a product that’s this low-cost is to get reasons: it is built of low-cost plastic. Thus this version additionally must be dealt with nicely with attention when taking it about with you as it really is delicate when carried around regularly and it might be readily damaged. I’d suggest that you purchase a protecting piano situation to prevent any undesired damage.

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