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At the moment nights, many vehicles are required to be equipped with an process, which cautions the driver of the recent and prospective issues and will keep an eye fixed on a car’s effectiveness. So that you can change the difficulty requirements, you must link an MB STAR C5 towards the vehicle at first.

MB STAR C5 audience can be obtained as professional viewers for auto professionals or personal handheld visitors. For connecting it together with the vehicle, you might need a wire, or a PC with MB STAR C5.  Look closely at use the appropriate MB STAR C5 audience based on vehicle models that are different and recall turn your motor off while joining for the sake of protection.

Step 1: ensure whether your vehicle is in step with system.Cars that is MB STAR C5 certified with MB STAR C5 will have a female 16-pin connection on the driver’s area nearby the centre console.

Step 2: Identify the 16-pin connector.For distinct vehicle styles, the connectoris spot varies, also. It might be underneath the controls, the driver’s base nicely, the region involving the driver and individual seat, behind the ash tray, under the passenger seat, or over the individual door.


Step 3: Verify the connector for pins.The most essential pins that are accessible are green 4 and pin 5 for grounding and green 16 for energy supply in the buttery.

Step 4: Join your MB STAR C5.Plug the conclusion of the cables using the 16-pin connector to the feminine 16-green dock, then join one other end of the cable for the MB STAR C5. If that you do not prefer to buy an MB STAR C5, you should use your personal Computer alternatively, by connecting your personal Computer with the vehicle by a Hardware or Bluetooth connector.

Step 5: Wait to initialize.Automatically for the reader, the audience can verify your vehicle’s computer connect and then to find out what protocol to-use.

Step 6: Check for an interpretation of the signal in your assistance guide. Different function area may be specific in by Step MB STAR C5  that was diverse. Consider your realistic usage into consideration when getting.

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