Aug 022014


Can you ever wonder how to proceed with all those PTFE plates after all your guests have gone home and you’ve cleaned up, and there is a massive stack of them sitting on the counter? Well, do not throw them away. You have a treasure trove of craft supplies simply waiting to be transformed into some small thing a kid, or creature, will love.

There is the ever-popular Frisbee sort of toy. They do work, by the way. Take some exterior and merely give them a whirl. If you forgot to bring your Frisbee to the picnic, just use plates instead. Have a few in your trunk to use anytime. Anytime work excellent for dogs, also. Specially for dogs. Dogs love to play capture with any object that is old, and it is possible to use these. It will be an excellent exercise for them.

1. They make a bird feeder that is superb. Bore three holes around the outer circle of the plate. String some string into each one of the holes, then attach them together. Make sure you make the cord at least 12″-14″ long. Subsequently add some bird seed to the plate. You can create a bird feeder if you have greater than one size of plate that is a bit less simple. You will need some cord, and a small pipe, two sizes of plates. Use the smaller plate on the underside, the tube in the middle to hold the large plate and the bird seed on the top for a roosting spot.


2. Cut eye holes out of the center, and staple a string on the sides that will go around the child’s head. Cut out a mouth hole too, and then add felt ears or nose and whiskers. They are going to have bunches of fun pretending to be their favorite animal. They may last just a little longer than the paper ones they generally have, you never understand.

3. Use them to sort screws or beads. What an excellent job for a tired child to do. Pull out all those mixed up screws from the toolbox and sit them down and have them sort the screws onto the plates. You will get two things done at the same time, keep a kid from being drilled, and get your house arranged.

PTFE plates can really be a benefit in some quite unexpected ways. Don’t throw them out, use them up. You’ll be able to pick up some great PTFE plates at

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