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tea tree oil for skin

Tea tree oil has been around for millennia. Aboriginal cultures for centuries have used it and the oil to prevent illnesses and clean wounds was used by Australian doctors in the early part of the Twentieth Century. It was used after surgery as an antiseptic. As a testimony to tea tree oil benefits, it was even part of the first aid kits issued to Australian soldiers and sailors in World War Two.

This essential oil went out of favor with antibacterial substances in the 1950s and the advent of manmade antibiotics. However, tea tree oil is staging a come back as increasingly more bacteria are becoming immune to human created antibiotics and antiseptics.

It is one of nature’s wonder materials. It can fight bacteria, fungus as well as viruses. That makes it really useful in treating skin problems like herpes, acne, blisters, athlete’s foot, warts and minor insect bites. It’s even useful in handling dandruff.

tea tree oil for skin

Studies have proven that, when used cautiously, it might be used to treat respiratory problems, when a few drops are added to steam and inhaled. It should never be taken internally, which can be precisely why it’s essential to be careful when using this as a mouthwash. Add no more than three drops of tea tree oil to your cup of warm water and rinse your mouth completely.

Wash the affected area well and pat dry until there’s no further wetness. Then massage a bit into the skin tag with a ball of cotton or a Qtip.

You must always be cautious when using essential oils, including tea tree oil. If you experience an allergic reaction, for example redness or rash, discontinue use at once and wash the affected area thoroughly. You can also dilute the it in another base, including olive oil. This often corrects the issue.

This oil is becoming more and more popular as a natural choice. Certainly one of its first appearances beyond the herbalist’s apothecary was in many kinds of natural soaps that can be purchased in health food stores. It has since gone on to be widely used in lotions, ointments and creams.

Tea tree oil is experiencing a renaissance as an alternative to harsh chemicals and medications. Its anti viral properties are getting to be once again accepted as a legitimate treatment for problems and diseases ranging from sore throat.Buy tea tree oil for skin on http://www.healthdoyen.com/benefits-of-tea-tree-oil.html.

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