Oct 242015

Toe Puff

There first thing to understand and it may be something which you are already asking, is why does leather need maintenance. The answer is that it is an organic item which cracks if it is not cared for properly. Now, some people think that polishing it normally when it shows the signs of cracking is sufficient to solve the problem. But it is not. If you really want them to last long, there are four things which you have to do. These are cleaning, conditioning, polishing and weatherproofing. There are specific steps you should take to ensure the smooth operation during all of these steps.

During the cleaning stage, first you need to ensure that you have all the necessary tools before beginning. Some of the most important items are Pedag Shoe Trees in Springvale, shoe cleaners and creams. Shop owners can advise you on the items you need for cleaning leather shoes with toe puff. Now to start the process, first take off the laces if it is a laced shoe. If its moccasin type footwear, there of course, there is no need for that. Start by taking a brush and gently sweeping the dust off the surface. Then, you keep a hand under the shoe’s flap and start applying the cleaner. The flap is the part under which you slide your foot. Placing your hand in such a way, you can grip easily and hold it steady. Now apply the cleaner all over the leather. Once this is completed, the next step is to use the brush once more and use it to brush the item with the cleaner which you have just applied. Finally, you can let the shoes dry for about 20 minutes, but away from direct sunlight or any source of strong light. If you think that it is still not clean, and then wait for the 20 minutes before applying another coating.

That was all about cleaning. But is that all. Not at all! Now we come to the polishing stage. Polishing your leather shoes with toe puff, or any shoe, in fact, can be compared to moisturizing your face. It is very important to keep the suppleness of the leather and to keep it firm. Additionally, it stops wrinkling and flaking. To do this, just take a few drops of the shoe conditioner on a soft and dry cloth, and use it to rub gently in a circular motion. Then apply the shoe polish all of the footwear. Finally, use a cloth to wipe off the extra polish and let the shoes dry.

Weatherproofing a shoe is quite interesting. One of the best ways, which is completely natural, is water spray repellent. Otherwise, you can also apply beeswax. It does not damage your leather shoes with toe puff and waterproofs your shoes as well. Alternatively, you can also try water based repellents. These are great because they allow moisture in without allowing water to get inside. If you are looking for more information on toe puff, please visit: http://www.shoe-materials.com.

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