Feb 222014
virtual router

virtual router

Have you ever been disappointed with not getting a Free WiFi spot? Have you been frustrated in not finding a virtual wifi? It is frustrating since I believe that Web access and finding a virtual wifi should always be free anyway.

I have been sharing my wi fi connection since I’ve found out about a brand new software from a small known business called virtual router. They’ve managed to make computers with Win7 installed as a little software and its operating system to actually generate a virtual router.

It’s so simple. You just visit their website and download this program. Follow all the instructions and once done you will begin to see the Connectify emblem where all those small nifty things are at the bottom of your display.

That is all it requires to have your personal virtual router. It doesn’t take a wizard to achieve this and it’s even harder to truly create a real router.

To get you started, simply click the Connectify button and make the necessary fields to share your WiFi juice. Create a Wi-Fi Name – this will probably be the link individuals will see when they are searching for WiFi Hotspot. Build a code word, I always place the easiest password like 12345678 or ABCDEFGH as you would need at least 8 characters as your code word. Examine the box that says ‘Discuss Internet’ and in a number of minutes it’ll produce your own WiFi Hotspot. Now to split the WiFi Hotspot you only share your code word.

How this suggestion will find you a date? If you’re among those who creates opportunity when there’s none, you will certainly find in case you’re 1 of those with an extensive Internet access from a cellular telephone company and a lady lost in the airport, hotel or a cafe trying to get on to a free WiFi Hotspot. Afterward this is definitely a way of locating a day and you got it all free simply by sharing your WiFi connection or let’s say you have Connectified.

Reference: virtual-router.net

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